Curious about your family’s roots in Italy? Niche Italy offers intimate, personal genealogy experiences. Participate in our genealogy project on a private Italian tour, or as your own dedicated day from a group tour. We aim to create an emotional moment that will help you connect with the country and the parts of you that came from it. Let us do the work! We will research the town of your ancestors, find their birth certificate and other records in public archives, and take you on a tour of the town including their original house and cemetery. We will even help to find possible relatives and family friends in the area, with whom we will organize a welcome lunch party with the mayor in the city hall. Get in touch with old family traditions such as passed-down recipes and storytelling that will create an unforgettable emotional experience and give you a better understanding of your origin.


"This is an experience I have always dreamed about and actually meeting family in Sicily was everything I imagined it would be even with the language barrier. I’ll never in my life forget being at Sunday dinner with the family I’ve known my whole life and the ones I just met."


“When we arrived in Modica, we went straight to city hall. When we walked in, the Mayor was waiting for us. My mother was made a Citizen for the Day and received a special plaque. There was a welcome reception for us and to our surprise, Niche Italy had arranged for our relatives to show up. They showed us photo albums from when they visited America. I was overcome with emotion when their photo albums showed my grandparents. Next, Marco of Niche Italy was able to get the address of my maternal grandmother and my mom and I took a picture in front of her old home.” — Verified Influencer Alysse Dalessandro Santiago of Ready to Stare

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