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Experience the five senses of Italy! Niche Italy will take you on an exploration of the sights, flavors and cultures of the most authentic locations throughout our beautiful country. We are a small business specializing in unique, intimate food and wine tours throughout Italy. We offer luxury group tours as well as private tours.

The focus of the trips is getting to know the culture of a particular region of Italy through local chefs, winemakers, farmers, artisans, archaeology and history guides, and family-run restaurant owners. Much like us, these are people who are passionate about their profession and put a piece of their heart into everything they do.

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Eating the Arab Roots of Sicilian Cuisine with SAVEUR Magazine

Adam Leith Gollner joins Niche Italy in exploring the sun-drenched island’s agrodolce flavors.

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Costiera Amalfitana
8 Settembre - 17 Settembre 2023

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  • Virginia Di Pucci
    “John and I cannot stop thinking and talking about our wonderful Piedmont Trip. We feel very fortunate to have been included with such a fantastic group of travelers.”
    Virginia Di Pucci
    Piedmont 2019
  • Thom Pantino
    "When I first inquired about this trip with Marco back in January, I gave an idea of what I was looking to achieve with this trip with my brothers to Sicily.  It more than met those expectations.  It was truly a trip for the ages which I will cherish forever."
    Thom Pantino
    Sicily 2019
  • Ted Paladino
    As far as I am concerned, there is no other way to visit Italy and have such wonderful experiences.  Marco and Denise are the very BEST.
    Ted Paladino
    Magna Grecia tour 2016
  • Susan and Steve Munson
    "The genealogy tour, medieval towns, sumptuous wine and food, walking on Mt. Etna craters, boating on the sea were all fantastic experiences. Our trip was made even more special by our guide, Marina. We fell in love with her passion for Sicily, her energy, her incredible sense of humor and how she developed a relationship as part of our travel group. I have to say she is THE best tour guide that I have met”.
    Susan and Steve Munson
    Sicily, May 2019
  • Pamela Acheson Myers
    Thank you so much for all your help on the wonderful trip in Liguria and Piedmont. I loved the trip and totally enjoyed meeting you! You handled everything perfectly, and somehow kept us all together and moving forward (how six people can drift so far away from each other I have no idea but we all kept doing it!). Thank you for arranging the driver and my extra night at Sestri Levante and everything else you did behind the scenes to take care of us all and make sure we had a great time. And a special thanks for helping me buy the bird sculpture, and finding the store again to get the package. The birds are safely here, and I adore them!!! A wonderful reminder of a fabulous trip! Look forward to seeing you again!!!
    Pamela Acheson Myers
    Liguria and Piemonte tour 2017
  • Neil Selman and Cindy Chapman
    People opened their homes, their wineries, their restaurants, and their hearts to us, and we were able to meet people and do things we never could have dreamed of doing on our own. […] We look forward to returning to Italy and would not think about doing so without Niche Italy being our travel partner.
    Neil Selman and Cindy Chapman
    Sicily tour 2016
  • Loretta and Rick Stanish
    We had an experience of a lifetime on our trip to Sicily. We could have never planned a trip like this on our own. Every time we tell someone about our trip, WE are more amazed by how much we saw and learned so efficiently in 8 days. Marco and his team really take care of everything - including entertaining you with the occasional seranade!
    Loretta and Rick Stanish
    Sicily tour 2016
  • Lee and Barbara Reichbaum, Bob and Carol Hoyland
    Above all else you, your staff and the warm people of Italy made our time the best holiday of my life. […] Everyday, we asked each other, “OK, what is your favorite thing that we’ve done so far?” Very soon we realized that were no answers to be found. Every historical site came to life through Niche Italy guides, every meal was a gourmet tasting with the owner or waiter telling about the origin of the dish, its farm/sea-to-table freshness, and preparation. So many bites were “OMG, have you tasted anything like this before!” […] There are really not enough words to share what all this has meant to Barbara, Bob, Carol and me. […] Marco, you have found your Niche and created a grand niche for us as well.
    Lee and Barbara Reichbaum, Bob and Carol Hoyland
    Private trip Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast 2016
  • Kathy Mandacina
    "I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate all you and your staff did to make our Sicily trip unforgettable! And then you out-did yourself by making the Amalfi coast part of the trip incredible! It all feels like an experience I will remember fondly for the rest of my life. You, Denise, Sofia, Simona and Serena have an amazing way of making your clients feel like they are the only thing that matter. Combined with your remarkable selection of wonderfully knowledgeable local guides.... our trip was perfect!”
    Kathy Mandacina
    Sicily with Chef Gaetano Di Benedetto and Amalfi Coast, May 2019
  • Jeane and Greg Ellis
    Greg and I wanted to tell you what an absolutely fabulous trip you so graciously and professionally provided for us […] We had a wonderful time!  It was such a great mix of history, beauty, new happenings and learning.  Every vendor we visited, wine class, cooking demonstration was spectacular!
    Jeane and Greg Ellis
    Portofino and Piedmont 2016
  • Jayne & Basil Cox
    “Thanks so much for such a wonderful tour of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Napoli. It was remarkable for the food, the wine, and for the outstanding cultural experiences. I think your choice of hotels and restaurants was excellent. The lunch in Anacapri and the farewell dinner at Salotto Nunziata were particularly outstanding. And that wonderful calamari at Re Di Napoli for the Saturday lunch in Naples! I am still thinking about it! We brought home wine, souvenirs, a Ferragamo scarf and tie, but best of all great memories of great times with great friends.”
    Jayne & Basil Cox
    Amalfi Coast 2019
  • Gregory Zaretsky
    NicheItaly – Three Stars! Michelin describes its three-star restaurants as a destination to itself. A place worth travelling to. […] But let me just tell you this. The more I travel around the world, the more I realize that for those like me who like good food, nice glass of wine and a little culture there is no other place like Italy. And for those who love Italy as much as I do, there is no alternative but NicheItaly.
    Gregory Zaretsky
    Portofino and Piedmont tour 2015
  • Gary Carlson A.K.A Garibaldi
    I am sitting in my office, a few pounds heavier… Wondering why I am not still in the mother land! FYI - my car was delivered to the airport with two new phones in it. I really think it was a blessing that they were stolen on night one and I mean that. I want to thank you for setting this unbelievable trip up for us. Debbie and I had a fantastic time. Marco, Sofia and team were just the best. I do not get a lot of time away from work and I can honestly say that I am so glad it was spent with everyone on this list. It was like we went away to wine camp for the week. Remember to never have a cappuccino after breakfast and only espresso after lunch. If you order a dirty martini you will be disappointed. So my thought is drink wine and enjoy the ride. I am still a little confused as when time to say “Buonasera" but I’ll figure it out by next trip. Now, let’s all get back to the gym and do this again soon… Grazie a tutti. Addio per ora! (Goodbye for now)
    Gary Carlson A.K.A Garibaldi
    Tuscany and Umbria tour 2017
  • Ceci Sommers
    You exceeded our wildest dreams of a great trip and a once in a lifetime adventure!
    Ceci Sommers
    Sicily tour 2015
  • Cathy and Larry Schweinegruber
    Oh, and the people! We loved every one of the small, intimate restaurant owners who took great care to make us feel welcome and provide us with the best of Italy. We felt like family. […] I will never forget this trip as long as I live and am eternally grateful to Niche Italy for preparing and executing for us this V.I.P. tour. Ciao sweet Italy!
    Cathy and Larry Schweinegruber
    Private trip Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome and Amalfi Coast 2016