Sardinia, the furthest island from the Italian coast, hosts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches alongside amazing nature and local traditions.

We start from the North of the island, touring by boat the Maddalena Archipelago, making stops at several of the surrounding white sand islands, and sleeping in beautiful hotels with waterfront view. Afterwards, we will explore the central part of the island, where the Spanish and French left their marks and where you can also discover many prehistoric archeological sites, revealing ancient lives and cultures!

We will then rest in a gorgeous resort inside a nature reservation area and dine on the best local food, including the famous pecorino cheese, roasted suckling pig, and homemade ravioli filled with fresh ricotta and tomato sauce.

Concluding the tour, we will travel to the South of the island and Cagliari, the capital, visiting Roman ruins and the famous San Benedetto market for an inebriating street food experience!

Highlights: La Maddalena, Nuoro, Orosei, Cagliari