Gregory and Alina Zaretsky – Tour Liguria and Piemonte 2015 (September)

NicheItaly – Three Stars!

Michelin describes its three-star restaurants as a destination to itself. A place worth travelling to. This is also true about NicheItaly ( The more you know about Italy the more you need this extraordinary travel group.

Point in case: once, somewhere in Southern Italy we visited a museum. I am sure that most of you have been in those museums where you see a room full of broken Greek vases partially glued together. So, you go from room to room and see all those ancient vessels for wine or oil and you are utterly bored. Not with this group. We entered the next room expecting to see more of the same and there was a table laden with most succulent Southern Italian dishes set amongst gleaming wine bottles of white and red and of course, because this is Italy, all tables had white tablecloth and our handsome waiter wore black tuxedo.

On the other occasion we were on Italian Rivera staying at the hotel Nettuno in Sestri Levante. We could see from our hotel’s window the passenger boats departing for Portofino and other small towns down the coast (a trip of about 30 minutes). That day, we were scheduled to visit a village of Rapallo. The local delicatessen there is called Parla come Mangi and is famous for its participation in The Italian Food Channel.

Well, this wasn’t just a tour and we didn’t board one of those passenger boats. We were ushered aboard gleaming white private yacht and upon arrival in Rapallo Guido Porratti, the owner of Parla come Mangi and his staff met us at the port with a basket of focaccia and glasses of wine. Then they escorted us to their amazing store full of wine and delicacies. What a classy day it was! One word: NicheItaly!!!

I can go on and on. But let me just tell you this. The more I travel around the world, the more I realize that for those like me who like good food, nice glass of wine and a little culture there is no other place like Italy. And for those who love Italy as much as I do, there is no alternative but NicheItaly.